• Lakota Lodge Dues Form (PDF) (WORD) – This form is used when paying annual Lakota Lodge dues. If you were previously a member of Lakota Lodge and wish to reinstating your membership or are transferring from another lodge, please submit this form along with the annual dues. You are required to have a current paid BSA membership to be a member of Lakota Lodge.
  • Expense Reimbursement Form – Use this form to submit a request for being refunded on a lodge expense that you paid, in which the lodge treasurer or lodge chief and one other key 5 member has approved to re-pay you. This file is in pdf form.
  • Vigil Nomination Form (PDF)  (WORD) – This form can be used to nominate a worthy person for the Vigil Honor.
  • Lakota Lodge Master Permission Form – All scouts (younger than 21) must submit this form before attending events longer than 24 hours.
  • BSA Medical Form – Available from the national site.
  • Unit Excellence Award  – Provides information about this award and the link to the official form.